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I'm Divya, Peter Pan ruined my life and I'm still not over it. I spend most of my time crying over how much Peter & Wendy loved each other, but sometimes I make things too. I love talking about anything Peter Pan related, so come talk to me! +

It would be delightful to report that they reached the nursery in time… but then, there would be no story.


another meme i won’t finish [1/15 relationships]: Peter & Wendy

"It is the greatest adventure of all. They that find it have slipped in and out of heaven." "To find what?" "The one the kiss belongs to."

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THIS BLOG GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE. but also so much death bc i die every time i go on it. it’s a) such a beautiful blog and as someone who has an undying appreciation for peter pan esp the 03 movie, that blog is everything. wendy and peter is so otp, i can’t think about them without crying. their story is so tragic. plus Divya (i hope i spelled that right) is v sweet and she makes hella pretty things. i sent her messages once in a blue moon on my former personal, she’s great. her disney blog as well is flawless. :3

send me a URL and i will talk about them

this is soo ooo sweet i’m getting a cavity wow :’)))


∞ List of favorite movies
↳ . 7. Peter Pan (2003)


Underrated Disney ladies 1/??

→ Jane Darling (requested by Carsen!)

who are you?

i’m john



He does feel. He feels about you.

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You are awesome I love Peter Pan too High five bro

woohoo *high five*

come find me i’m a lost boy. 

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