Don't forget me.
I'm Divya, Peter Pan ruined my life and I'm still not over it. I spend most of my time crying over how much Peter & Wendy loved each other, but sometimes I make things too. I love talking about anything Peter Pan related, so come talk to me! +

He does feel. He feels about you.

Anonymous said:
You are awesome I love Peter Pan too High five bro

woohoo *high five*

come find me i’m a lost boy. 

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Anonymous said:
Hi your blog is perfect and makes me emotional, ok bye.

aw thank u :’) 

Peter Pan and Jack Frost parallels

firebreathingmermaids said:
Have you ever watched Once Upon A Time? I'm curious what you'd think of the episodes in Neverland and Peter Pan

yes i did!! i still haven’t caught up with the second half of the latest season, but i absolutely hated the twist they did with peter pan (they completely ruined his backstory) and i was just very disappointed overall 

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